Our Mission

Reef Safe

Island Tan Hawaii supports conservation of the marine environment through volunteerism and donations to local and global advocacy groups. 

The rapid destruction of coral reef environments worldwide has been well documented in recent years. There are many issues driving the loss of these vital marine nurseries

including increasing ocean temperatures, soil, fertilizer, pesticide, sewage runoffs and a couple of the chemicals found in many sunscreens.

In October of 2015, a study showed that Oxybenzone, the active ingredient of over 97% of all sunscreens on the global market was found to coral bleaching. Follow-on studies suggest Octinoxate is also toxic to corals. In early 2016, Island Tan Hawaii answered the call and reformulated it Hawaiian Natural Sunscreen line to eliminating Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and Paraben to become the best possible Reef Safe-People Safe product on the market.